First Baptist School was started in 1999 with 14 students. The school gives the people of First Baptist Church an oppurtunity to give their children a quality, Christian education. We believe that education is very important, and the right kind of education is just as important.
First Baptist School is a traditional K-12 Christian school. God has blessed us with a wonderful facility for the school in downtown Plattsmouth. The school is equipped with a full kitchen, conference room, band area, gymnasium, stage for plays, and many classrooms and offices. We offer a wide variety of sports and activites for the students.
We have a girls’ volleyball team, boys’ basketball team, flag football, track meet, and other various sports activities. Throughout the season, we will host many games in the gymnasium God has provided for us. We also go on the road to different games and tournaments.
The goal of First Baptist School is to equip young people with the tools they need to be successful in the world they live in. We strive to produce graduates who have a sincere love for the things of God
First Baptist Church  
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Phone: 402.296.9284
Fax: 402.296.9277
Pastor: Raymond Wicks
First Baptist School
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Phone: 402.296.5948
Principal: Jesse Wicks


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