Each of us must have a time in our own life when we believe in Jesus and call upon Him as our only hope of Heaven.  The Bible promises eternal life to those who accept Christ. God loves us so very much, and wants us all to have a home in Heaven.
Our church offers membership to all who have accepted Christ and professed Him publicly through baptism. We feel belonging to a church family is Biblical, practical, and helps further the Kingdom of God.
To become a disciple
of Christ, we must be disciplined. Christ calls
us to be His disciples. This is a growth process requiring spiritual desire and commitment. It is
not attained quickly,
but is shown through daily discipline and
Christ-like behavior.
Christ commanded the church to Go, Teach, and Baptize. This is our mission. To build the Kingdom of God through local ministry and world evangelism. Building can take work and sacrifice. but we are honored to help build His Kingdom.