Pastor Wicks grew up in Austin, MN.  He was a young farmer before the Lord called him to move to Northwest Indiana and attend Hyles-Anderson College.  He graduated from college in 1988.  On January 1st of 1989, he moved his family to Nebraska.  Since then, God has led and blessed in so many ways and has allowed Pastor Wicks to be the pastor of this church for over 25 years. 
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First Baptist Church  
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Phone: 402.296.9284
Fax: 402.296.9277
Email: info@fbcplattsmouth.org
Pastor: Raymond Wicks
Email: pastor@fbcplattsmouth.org
First Baptist School
school address_gray  
Phone: 402.296.5948
Principal: Jesse Wicks
Email: info.fbsplattsmouth@gmail.com
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