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Crossroads is the young adults program of our church. We offer a Bible class that provides friendship, teaching, and direction. We know that the ages of 18-25 could be the most detrimental time for a Christian young person.
The world offers many temptations for this age group, but we strongly believe this time in a Christian’s life doesn’t have to be one of regret. We reach out to young adults from Plattsmouth, Bellevue, Omaha, and Offutt Air Force Base. 
We believe in providing a social life that will be a substitute to that which the world offers. Bro. Joseph is our young adults pastor and has a burden for his generation. Through Biblical teaching, godly examples, and balanced recreation, the young adults of FBC are growing in the Lord. We invite you to join our group this Sunday at 10 am in the fellowship hall!
If you have any questions about the program, please call the church office at 402.296.9284, or email Joseph at jwicks@fbcplattsmouth.org.
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Principal: Jesse Wicks
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